Paint That Looks Like Fabric! Can This Be True?

There is a fabulous new product on the market by Maison Blanche Paints called Bouclé.
Here is the dictionary definition:
• bou·clé bo͞oˈklā/ noun
yarn with a looped or curled ply, or fabric woven from this yarn.

How can paint look like this? Let me show you!



The Desk That Took Some Taming

This desk glared at me for months before I decided to tackle it, I should have known it was going to give me a run for my money.

I did not have any firm plan and that was my first mistake.

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"Expecto Patronum!" A Hogwarts Special

My client has a love of all things Harry Potter and asked me to produce a dresser for her son’s bedroom.

I had this dresser just waiting for inspiration and the size was perfect for the room.

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From ‘blah’ to ‘oh! la la’

A lovely client gave me this small French Provincial sideboard.

I love the legs on these pieces and the overall shape but this lady needed prettying up and bringing into this new decade.

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Hey Lady! You got a drink for an old fella?

I saw this piece on our local craigslist site and felt like he was winking at me! I knew I had to go and visit him.

This poor old guy is nearly 100 years old and hadn’t had a drink or a new suit for many years. This was about to change.

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Mirror Mirror on The Wall

I needed a mirror to hang above my newly refurbished sideboard.

I had one that I got free with a dresser, it was the right size but it was dull and boring and was destined for the landfill.


Chest on Chest

This pretty little dresser had been living under a carport for a long time.

It needed a lot of love and attention.