Paint That Looks Like Fabric! Can This Be True?

There is a fabulous new product on the market by Maison Blanche Paints called Bouclé.

Here is the dictionary definition:
• bou·clé bo͞oˈklā/ noun

yarn with a looped or curled ply, or fabric woven from this yarn.
How can paint look like this? Let me show you!  
The paint looks something like cottage cheese and is full of flecks in different shades.

The colour I used is called Lafayette and has blues and whites in it.  
I had some dining chairs I found at a local flea market that were in need of a makeover and started by cleaning years of grime from the vinyl seat.

Look below at the difference in colour after cleaning! YUK.  
I gave the seat a coat of Maison Blanche primer to give the paint something to grip to and also to prevent any bleed through.  
With one coat of Maison Blanche Paint in Oyster, I was ready, when this was dry, to get to the exciting part! Watching paint dry drives me crazy!
This is the first coat!

I was worried that the lumpy parts would dry hard but follow the instructions and they settle down as they dry.  
This is 2 coats.

It dries with a slightly raised feel but not rough, it is comfortable to sit on.

I did not top coat this with anything, it is set really hard and I don't think it is necessary.

I plan on using this product on drawer fronts next so watch this space!  
Here is a video showing you how easy it is to use the amazing product.  
It comes in 4 colourways and if you use the code JULIESRECIPE when ordering you will receive a free 4oz can of a special colour that I invented!

How cool is that?

It is called "Julie's Dreamy Blue" and is the colour used on this armchair....dreamy eh?  

Paint by Maison Blanche
Primer by Maison Blanche
Bouclé by Maison Blanche