"Expecto Patronum!" A Hogwarts Special

My client has a love of all things Harry Potter and asked me to produce a dresser for her son’s bedroom.

I had this dresser just waiting for inspiration and the size was perfect for the room...  
...and I had a spare set of legs laying around, as you do! and decided to use them to raise this piece up off the ground.  
We talked back and forth about what she would like and decided that this dresser was to grow with her son and not be too childish.

I suggested using the Hogwart house colours and she loved the idea.

I did a mock up in Photoshop on my laptop. She loved it!.  
After cleaning and prepping, I painted the whole dresser in General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint.

Using the Hogwart house colours of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, I painted the 4 drawers.  

I looked up the colour palette for Hogwarts house colours to make sure I got the paint as close a match as possible; these Harry Potter fans have a sharp eye and you never know how good they are at spells!  
I measured the drawers and cut a harlequin stencil to fit.  
Then I started the fun part.  
For the middle drawers, I taped off the stripes and used a copper paint as I planned on doing the middle section in copper and wanted it to tie together cohesively.
I enlarged the H in Photoshop and transferred the image to the middle drawers.

A little tip on making sure things are straight is to look at the image upside down. Your eye is immediately drawn to anything that is wrong.
The legs were added and here he is in all his wizardly splendour!
Thank you for stopping by, I am off to play Quidditch now!