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From ‘blah’ to ‘oh! la la’

A lovely client gave me this small French Provincial sideboard.
I love the legs on these pieces and the overall shape but this lady needed prettying up and bringing into this new decade.  
I knew I wanted to give this a complete makeover and had some amazing mouldings by Efexusa. Here are a few video clips to show you what I did.
First I had to fill the existing indentations on the doors.  
Sand it smooth and prime.  
Sticking on the flexible mouldings.  
Moulds stuck down and ready for painting.  
Once I had the moldings in place I painted the buffet in blue and white.
I used Fusion Mineral Paint™ in a pure white called Picket Fence and for the blue I mixed 2 parts Midnight Blue and one part Picket Fence to make a beautiful air force blue.  
My plan was to use the new stamp I had from Iron Orchid Designs. These stamps come on one sheet and you can cut them up into different pieces.
This one is called ‘Toilechinoiserie’.
Here is a link to where I bought them on Amazon (This is an affiliate link).
I started on the side as a kind of practice! I used the blue paint I had made and rolled it onto the stamp. They are easy to use and the detail is amazing
The front doors were next; see how great the moulds look too!
I used a gold wax to highlight the details
It was all coming together
I decided to alternate the colours on the top to make it more interesting. The fun part is deciding where to place the stamps
A close up of the medallion mould. These things are AMAZING!
Front left door detail.
The inside was given a little facelift too.
Here she is all clean and fancy; there are a few more decades left in this little lady!
I love her.
Thank you for stopping by.
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