Hey Lady! You got a drink for an old fella?

I saw this piece on our local craigslist site and felt like he was winking at me! I knew I had to go and visit him.

This poor old guy is nearly 100 years old and hadn’t had a drink or a new suit for many years. This was about to change.  
I brought him home but other younger pieces pushed him to the back of the room where he sat trying to attract my attention for 4 months.

Then one night (in the middle of the night) I knew exactly what I needed to do.

Using Fusion Mineral Paint™ in Coal Black. Fusion Mineral Paint™ Hemp Oil.

Royal Design Studios stencils and Ace Gold Plate metallic paint.

Let’s get this party started!

First of all, a clean all over with vinegar and water then remove the existing varnish. It was a little bit like Miss Havisham’s wedding dress and almost fell away to the touch.  
The two top drawers sanded very carefully revealed pristine veneer, the wood was so dry but I knew a drink of Hemp oil (for them not me) would cure that.
Hemp oil is like liquid gold, you can see it working immediately.  
Just look what one glass did for this poor old guy, he was already beginning to look spiffing.  
Sadly the 3 main drawers were missing quite a lot of veneer but all was not lost, I had my plan.

A quick fix with wood filler and soon they would be ready to paint.  
I had two amazing stencils from Royal Design Studios and was excited to bring the 2 designs together.

This one is called Lisabetta, here is the link to the website.
Royal Design Studios - Lisabetta
This one is called Lacey Leaves, a really delicate stencil.

Here is the link to the website
Royal Design Studios

After sanding and cleaning the 3 drawers, I painted them in 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

I laid the hardware in place so that I could make sure the stencil missed those parts.  
Now to choose the elements I wanted from my larger stencil.

I wanted to cover the 3 drawers but not all over.  
I taped off the parts I wasn’t going to use. This is the beauty of a large stencil; they have so many elements to choose from.

This was a perfect size and looked like a stand-alone stencil!  
Using Ace Metallic Finish in Gold Plate, I carefully worked the stencil using a Royal Design Stencil brush.

I love these brushes, they are the best I have come across and hold their shape.

I decided to change the hardware around as I didn’t want the original to take away from the stencil.  
Next I tackled the 2 drawers on top, first painting black as before and then using the Lacey Leaves stencil.  
The sides and top of the dresser were in great condition so a couple of drinks of hemp oil and wow!

I picked out details in black and gold keeping a balance with how I used it.  
The feet were not overlooked. The dresser has the original wooden wheels so they had a drink of hemp too.

The bottom skirt was treated to hemp oil and a little element from the stencil added to tie the whole thing together.  
And here he is in all his glory. Looking spiffing and very pleased with himself.  
A view from the top.  
Thank you for stopping by.