Mirror Mirror on The Wall

I needed a mirror to hang above my newly refurbished sideboard.

I had one that I got free with a dresser, it was the right size but it was dull and boring and was destined for the landfill.  
I knew with a little imagination and some raised stencilling I could make this exactly what I wanted.  
I pulled all my stencils out and found small elements in large stencils that work. I love using just parts of larger stencils, they give you so many options.

Using drywall compound to create a raised stencil. This was beginning to take shape.  
Next step, a coat of red paint. Already looking like the raised parts have always been there.  
I paint over the base colour with a deep red wash, this allowed for the red underneath to show through and provide an extra depth to the effect.

I then highlighted the raised parts by rubbing them with gold wax using my finger to dab on the wax.  
Here it is on the wall above my sideboard.

It is exactly what I wanted in the colour I wanted and another save from the landfill, win, win win!